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Fit for the Festive Season


A home design project that began in Autumn with the aim of being fit and ready for Christmas. This design needed to be unique, warm, contemporary but with traditional elements and most of all have a cosy sense of home. With the time frame and the supply crisis this project meant being prepared to push the boundaries and work quickly in the design stage to give the install stage as much space as possible. With the theme and criteria in mind, I created a design that consisted of mixed tones, mixed materials and mixed depths; the colours chosen added contrast that kept things unique, whereas the features of wood that ran through the space created a traditional, warm element. With the added touch of curves that can be seen in the render below, it encouraged even more so a softer, traditional approach with the great satisfaction of a symmetrical design.

A variation in heights and depths is a subtle contemporary touch that can overall add dimension to a design. The thickness of the wood compared to the thickness of the acrylic worktop added to the focal point of the centre island. The raw wood material positioned on a raised platform, supports the rest of the kitchen space and acts as an end point, one that defines where the kitchen is but still welcomes an open space.

Finalising of the design with a happy client then meant beginning the process of install with a short time frame. Delivery for most was efficient, sourcing for a few items took longer but were sourced in time with one American Fridge Freezer causing a major hold up and eventually being switched out by the client in a supportive effort to help meet the deadline.

Little touches make the world of a difference and the added features of patterned tiles, warm glow lighting and biophilia enhanced the cosiness of the space and turned the design into a space more unique to the clients. There was even the added touch for the family dog, who now has a spot catered and built just for them using the same materials used for the rest of the kitchen space.

And there we have it, the whole space decked out with its finishing features, soft furnishings and décor.. a space Fit for the Festive season!

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Jul 12, 2022

Wow, what a design flair! I love the dog bowl touch, how thoughtfully personalised you made this for your client, amazing! Can't wait to see more!


Michael Stokes
Michael Stokes
Jul 08, 2022

Beautifully designed, great use of space!


Jul 08, 2022

Great work Rochelle. Beautifully thoughtout and designed kitchen!!!

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