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Cocktail Dress Creations

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Thinking about all the outfits I have bought followed by the disappointment I had due to them not fitting the way they did on the model or not flattering me the way I thought they would. This problem is the fuel that led to creation of my first dress from scratch - The Purple Rain Dress. With an upcoming birthday event in toe, I scrapped the usual online shopping search and went straight to the planning and designing. From the initial stages of sketching and drawing, I discovered the darker theme with a few lighter and brighter highlights was the best design concept for my intended pattern. Drawing the motifs for the print, layering them into a repeat on Photoshop and Illustrator and getting them printed onto a Poly Twill fabric was a journey in itself and the time taken was probably triple that to buying an outfit online but the overall result was, to me, worth it.


I now had this one of kind design and dress, that I had stitched to my body shape and type, one that had the exact features I wanted and one that conveyed the precise theme and vibe I was hoping for. I didn't have to worry if I wasn't going to like it when it arrived because it had already arrived in the way I had designed it. My exhaustion of online shopping had led to my solution of an RK collection of clothing designs that would make me feel my most confident. Welcome to the the start of something new.


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Beautiful dress, so amazingly designed to your body shape- loads of effort into this and you can tell, i want my own!



Stunning dress, suits you so well!!!

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